thank you altai world !! travelled to Altai last summer and to this day this one remains as one of the best adventures of my life… the rivers there are awesome. from class II to class V, you just pick and choose, lots of multi-days, great weather, big mountains, cheap transportation and food… i recommend this trip to anybody who is keen on getting on a good adventure !! altai world will take care of everything you need !!! thank you !!!


I have discover altai with Kostya and his van. it has been a great surprise to see how wild and beautiful is this place. Great mountains in a very friendly environment. Those guys really know the runs and are good and necessary guide to explore the south of siberia. I think Altai should be the fist place to try some multiday in a class IV and V rivers.

Michele RamazzaItaly, bologna

I know Kostya for many years. We had some great kayak expeditions together. I can say that, kayaking is something what he really loves. Since he is running “Altay World” project i used the chance to take part as a kayak teacher in his trip last year. While we spent time together with his group on the river, i see that he is very creative and talented in sharing his experience with others. He and Masha are very responsible trip leaders and just nice persons to spend time with! Love we could join your trip. Great time with nice people (thanx everyone for being part of it smile emoticon ), good fun on the river and at the campsites, gorgeous scenery and unforgettable memories. Looking froward for new missions together!

Sveta has IRF safety craft and rafting guide certificate. Sometimes works as a guide in Altai World. (comments of Altai World)

Sveta KrismayrRussia and Austria

As a foreign kayaker „Altai World“ is the adress to explore russian rivers. The owners Kostya and Mascha are really hospitality, friendly and try to make your stay a unique experience. The river trips are well organised. The locations of the campsides are wise picked and the atmosphere with the group is amazing. The river running philosophie at „Altay World“ makes you having a nice day out there, because they create small groups in different levels. Everybody gets the flow feeling.

David has IRF safety craft and rafting guide certificate. Sometimes works as a guide in Altai World. (comments of Altai World)


Hey Kostya!I liked our kayak trip last year a lot. It was so much fun and very well organised! Imagine going to a place where you don’t understand the language and finding new friends who translate and organise everything! It was a great experience! Hope to see you soon!

Fabian Dorfler is a famous German slalomkayaker who has competed since the early 2000s. He won four medals at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships with three golds (K-1: 2005; K-1 team: 2007, 2010) and a silver (K-1: 2007). (comments of Altai World )


I was always afraid of whitetewater even after some kayaking experience, but Altai World helped me to feel myself confident. Very good instuctors made me feel strenght and enjoy the tour. Every day i felt a progress in kayaking. Kostya is an instuctor, who knows how to teach and makes the process easy. His plus, he finds optimal ratio of safety and fun for each student. I liked everything, Altai, camping, drying boats after ejection – super!


I quit to afraid rapids and whitewater, more or less started to read lines, started to have fan of kayaking. Just have to finish ejected from the boat)).
That was awesome trip and in general Altai and Altai World left a lasting impression, i really want to come again!!! Again studying, riding and enjoy)))

Marina SergeevaEkaterinburg

For me the trip to Altai was succesfull and effective ( now we are almost friends with big volume rivers, knew some tricks on rodeo and have good experience for the seanson and swimpool. Plusses – individual and flexible approach a possibility to kayak in your own rithm), but at the same time intensive and persistent movement forward. Good instuctors, good logistics (expedition and local transfers to the rivers) Ability to stay at the camping site. Good camping actually. Tasty food. Availibility of medical insurance and the provision of medical care. Possibilty to come with a family. Lots af attraction and treking routes in surroundings.

Sannikova TatyanaEkaterinburg 2015г.

We knew about Altai World from our friend and decided why not?! Altai is beautiful, there is a rental service for us, kayak school is really what we need. We went there and were not disappointed. We spent time with a benefit and had a great time for rest also.
I enjoyed all excursions and really thankfull for wasted efforts and an extensive programme! After a training on the lake Manzherok we made hiking on Sinyukha Mountain. Really beautifull place, amazing views. Katun river, it`s craggy cliffs, a bridge, chirch, an icon in the rock! You just have to see it! I remember waterfall, we`re all in helmets, so we didn`t care))
Сhief Instuctor – Kostya Lubyagin, men charging and infected of energy! After his explanation, everything that seemed scarry became attractive, what was unclear became logical! I liked his approach from the psychological point of view. I think anyone who had ever kayaked with him, didn`t afraid but enjoyed a sky, leafs, smiled and the rapids and screamed because of joy!!!
From the beginning Altai World made everything so uknown people became a team: team builging active games, talkings near of the fire. So we really became not only team but friends!!

Alexandra KarnaukhMoscow

Altai World it is a care, great frindly atmoshpere and individual approach! Kostya Lubyagin is a great instuctor! Explaines all mistakes and lays out on the shelves. Middle section of Katun river it is just awesome!!! A brightest impression of the tour!


Simple and open explanations, rental service, individual approach to every student, experienced instuctors, excursions included into a tour cost ( i was impressed), very good vacation!


When we were running Shabash rapid, Sasha Samokhval, our instuctor gave us detailed instuctions, how to stroke, where to go into flat water. After he asked us, did we understand everything clear, we were pretending that nothing is clear (because of the fear)), and then Sasha patiently repeated everything from the beginning. Even when we run that rapid in 2nd time and in 3rd. Thank You Sasha!! Kostya is very positive person, very patient, helpfull, motivating and very warm inside, this warm needs you in a cold water of Katun.



I learned how to surf that is super!! Thankfull for that! It was very usefull to paddle in the small groups of kayakers on Ursul river. And what is most important i quit to afraid of white water and started to enjoy the ride!
Thank You Altai World!


Very good basic school, everything is accessible, clear, 100% safety! I liked a lot theory, very good organized day shedule. After a day you feel tired but you are proud of your self and see a progress! A lots of instructors, possibility to learn differen tricks and tips. Thanks to David and Kostya! I liked Burya Fest, like a small exame of each of us! Huge volume of positive and a desire to progress only with the team of Altai World! That was the best school ever! And the most soulful!


Altai World gave me a bot and all the gear, i learned how to make eskimo, started to read lines! I feel happy of the result! On all my questions i`ve received answers, we played games for team bulding. Alexander is my first teacher and it is on the whole life! When he is paddling near, i`m sure that everything will be fime on 100%. Kostya is also knows a lot in kayaking, whished he be free for me more! Masha explaines everything clear!
Great Team!

Guriy DudarevGorno-Altaisk

I have been in Altain in May. I`d like to say what i like:
1. Very gentle behavior of the team.
2. Absense of house hold issues.
3. Atmosphere of friendship inside.
Sasha Samokhval – always ready to help. Kostya – is a spirit of this team, very motivating. Masha, David you are super! I liked it a lot!

Andrey BiryukovMoscow, 22 september 2015.

Everything was super! Week of hard trainings, my brain took a rest of a work plus amazing surroundings, good ecology, Altai World is not usual tourist company, it was like tourist tour, very friendly!

Igor KolpakovMoscow, 10 september 2015

Very nice team is here! This time i`ve seen another side of Altai which i liked, specially CHike-Taman. Altai World made lots of efforts to make the rest cool and unforgettable! Next time i`ll bring here my family. Good Luck!

Nikita KabanovNaro-Fominsk

I was lucky to meet Kostya and Masha and ride with them! I keep calm with Kostya on any river! I`m very gratefull to Altai World for the trip!

NikitaMoscow, 27 february 2015

I met Kostya and Masha this summer. I just left waterpool, so i was a beginner. And they helped me a lot to achieve a progress. Great place, great team!

SaltaOmsk, 12 february 2015