Our tours take place on the Lower Katun River, where our camp is. Here you can find everything for the comfortable stay: shower, bathroom, kitchen, electricity and wi-fi. You will live in the tents in the camp. As there is a fully equipped kitchen in the camp, it allows us to cook a big variety of dishes

(for tour participants camping, meal & bania (1 time) are included into the cost of the tour)

Optionally, you can also cook something yourself (barbecue, for example).

During the cold season you may book a warm house for an extra charge.

In tour trips you will live in an equipped camping on the bank of the river (tents, fire equipment, “bania”). Also, depend on your tour program, you may live in a tourist camp, which also has bathrooms, electricity, shower and wi-fi.

Also, for the tour trips we have a lot of kitchen equipment with us, what allows us to prepare all kinds of breakfast (porridge, omlet, backed eggs and coffee) and dinner (stew, borscht, solyanka, pilaf). For lunch we usually have sandwiches, vegetables and fruits.

Very close to the camp, there is a groceries shop, where you can find anything you need, and a market with a wide choice of fresh fruits, vegetables and berries.