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3/07 – 16/07 CLASS 1-3

This tour covers rivers with the different class of complexity. You will see different rivers depending of your skills and wishes!

We will start from  the Lower Katun, Ursul and Middle Katun, where you will learn to ride the waves and wholes, strengthen your skills. You will learn to not to fight the water, but play with it and get pleasure from «boiling» in the holes and surfing on one place on the wave.

While touring we will see a lot of Altai attractions, all of rivers are flow just near of one of the 10-th best roads in the World – Chuyskiy Trakt, you don`t have to go out from the car to see th beauty, but of course we will make couple of little trekking to show you amazing view points!

This tour is also for beginners – those, who have never tried kayaking or who did try but wants to consolidate his skills, but this tour will be also interesting for those who decided to combine 2 tours, don`t worry it won`t be boring for you!

For those who feel very confident in the boat and thiks he will be bored in this tour, keep it in mind that Katun offers many nice playspots for surfing; and the Manzherok rapid with its waves and holes is ideal for training and fun playboating.


Price: 650$

Date: 3 - 16 july 2016

Class: 1-3

Duration: 14 days

Free: 15

ProgrammeWhat is included

3 july Meeting at Novosibirsk or Gorniy Altai aiports. Way to the Camping. Meeting Dinner.
4-5 july Trainings on rodeo spots. (just near of our Camping)
6-7 july Kayking on the lower section of Katun river
8 july Katun and Sema rivers.
9 june Excursion on the several attractions across. You will see the valley from the view point, and famous Russian banya at the evening
10 july Day of rest or Rodeo spot near of our Camping
11 july Kayking on the lower section of Ursul river
12 july Middle Katun river – best place for rafting at this area.
13 july Transfer to the middle Chuya and kayaking on the way.
14 july Training session on the Middle Chuya. Rapids “Burevestnik”, “Begemoth”, “Slalom”, “Classic”
15 july
Training session on the Middle Chuya. Rapids “Burevestnik”, “Begemoth”, “Slalom”, “Classic” or Excursions
16 july
Transfer to Novosibirsk or Gorno-Altaisk airport .


Programme of this tour could be changed because of the level of kayakers. 


Medical Insurance

All kayakers will have a medical insurance included into a tour cost. This insurance is an addition to your interantional insurance nessessary for the trip.

Safety on the water

We have experinced instructors and safety coming with us as mandatory.


The main attraction of Altai is Mountains, and you don`t have to walk to see them, it is enough to drive by car on Chuyskiy Trakt. You will see amazing sceneries during the excursions, which are included into th cost of the tour.


Our camping places close to Lower section of Katun river. It has everything you`ll nead, even 4G and WiFi available.


We prepare food in our camping`s kitchen and on the fire. You feel try traditional Altai and russian meal and drinks. In the village we have grocery store, you may find coke, bars and snacks, beer, etc.

 Local Transfer from Novosibirsk airport and back, Camping, Food, Banya (Sauna) are included into tour cost.